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Volvo Snowbombing Roadtrip microsite

Volvo Snowbombing Roadtrip microsite

Microsite design and build including custom jQuery and interactive panel.

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Techdept web agency website

Techdept. website

An in-house web design and frontend build while I was Lead Designer at Techdept with a 'science/tech/precision laser-cut' feel. Built using .less CSS and custom jQuery functionality throughout.

A custom layout grid, respectful of common display ratios, was developed to display content via interchangeable panels. Stark, bold colours of a limited palette add to the minimal approach, with not a gradient or rounded corner in sight.

The Josef Müller-Brockmann-inspired graphic design shows web typography with attitude – you've never seen Arial so good!

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Harry Hill AOL

Harry Hill / AOL

A Harry Hill short video microsite for AOL, via Creative Orchestra. Illustrated by Ziemowit Maj, my task was twofold: 1/ unlock weekly episodes 24 hours earlier for AOL-only subscribers; 2/ take the layered Photoshop artwork and bring it to life with quirky animation, triggered by auto timers and user interaction.

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Snowbombing Facebook app

Volvo Snowbombing Facebook App

Design and frontend build of both Facebook tabs and a Flash 'character creator' where Facebook users can create and share their own character. Illustrations by Flameboy.

BiBC IPTV interface design

Interface design for IPTV channel "BOX OFFICE 365" from BiBC

I was lucky to have the opportunity to design the interface for soon-to-be-launched IPTV channel 'BOX OFFICE 365' from internet TV pioneers BiBC. The polished design takes into consideration various IPTV screens and their differing degrees of processor performance. Certain visual flourishes such as drop shadows can be dropped from less capable screens as the technology uses standard web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Further visual design considerations centred around text size vs user/screen distance, careful use of brighter colours and avoidance of hairlines in the design.

BiBC IPTV user journey

BiBC wirefames and UX planning

The initial user experience research involved various wireframe approaches in order to determine the most suitable user journey for accessing the on-demand content.

BiBC IPTV sign-in screen

Further 'BOX OFFICE 365' interface screens

The interface allows for easy alphanumeric input and visual feedback is given as the user progresses through any input fields.

BiBC IPTV user sign-in wireframe

Wireframe/user journey for IPTV sign-in



Web design and build with CMS for a local IT business. Character illustration commissioned especially for the site from the excellent Ian Dutton Designs.

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Leeds Sexual Health

Leeds Sexual Health

A project for the NHS, providing sexual health resources for local young people. Design and build included all artwork for the header illustration which was used as campaign material from beer mats to billboards.

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Mamas & Papas

Mamas & Papas

Homepage and various sub page refresh concept designs.

ICAP registration


An interesting exercise in UX, my task was to design a multi-stage online application form for ICAP's charity customers.

Open Gardens

Open Gardens

Concept designs for geolocation-aware site which promotes various public and also privately owned open day English gardens. The site encourages visitations and participation by use of mobile apps and their 'checking-in' features.


Working with brand material for this global air transport IT company, I created a desktop + online animated presentation.

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Vivergo Feeds


Concepts for Farm Feed eCommerce site, with the aim of making the route to relevant products much easier.



Photoshops designs for soon-to-be-launched product website.

Myths and Legends

Myths & Legends |

Flash promotion feature for, via agency Front; illustration by Joe Wilson. My task: to code the Flash with sorcery and animate the characters with fairy dust. A task that was right up my street and was well received. Great teamwork all round.

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Visions of Britain 2020

Visions of Britain 2020

A redesign based upon very strict brand guidelines and short time frames.

TNS portals branding / snippets

TNS Portals

My task: to expand upon and refine the online brand guidelines for the company's various aquiired sub portals. Responsibilities included initial photoshop designs followed by HTML + CSS development of practically all html elements, forms, menus, tables, popups, typography etc. These code snippets were then documented and delivered via a bespoke CMS as a guide for international TNS portal employees.